Monday, September 19, 2011

Kyon Na Aana Is Des Lado...

Oh! Confused some of you might be, but those who are familiar with the T.V. show named:”Na Aana is Des Lado” should have got the idea of what am I talking about.
For those who did not understand, I will tell you! The main ideology or say the purpose of this article is about the female foeticide. Most of the people talk about fighting against female foeticide. But I would rather say female foeticide is correct in a way.
Don’t be shocked I am not adamant, girl-hating kind of person.
I just want to draw your attention to other aspects and causes of female foeticide and the fight against it.
There are many N.G.O’s and groups working against the female foeticide in our country apart from Government of course, and there are many cases where they have been able to save many girls’ lives which would have been killed even before they were born. But, have you ever thought, what happens after that? Where did their life lead to?
The answer to these questions is really terrible- Yes, guys!
Some of these girls live a good life, they are lucky. It is either their mother’s courage or someone else in the family who actually loved them, gave them a better life. But in most of the cases they go through a lot of mental torture.
Cruising tension in mind, being tortured day and night and the worst part is being again and again realised that she was not meant to be born; she is a burden, unwanted.
High pressure, No freedom, No wishes, & so No chance of fulfilling their dreams and wishes.
Who would want that kind of life! It is same as:
“A hungry bird in a Cage, food placed in front of her but the food contains slow poison, eat or starve, either way she will die, terribly for sure!“
If given a choice I would prefer not being born instead of living like this poor bird /girl.
What am I trying to say is only letting live the girl child is not enough, important is to let her live with dignity.
For that, mentality of the people must change. There is a need to convert these cruel monsters into human. The reasons for need of women in society ‘must’ change, and these changes must be brought out in different conditions, among different people having different perceptions. The methods need to be different. So, I leave you people to think:
How would you like the world around you to be?
How will you change the world around you?

Naziya Qureshi
M.Sc. (EM) Ist sem


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