Monday, September 19, 2011

Kyon Na Aana Is Des Lado...

Oh! Confused some of you might be, but those who are familiar with the T.V. show named:”Na Aana is Des Lado” should have got the idea of what am I talking about.
For those who did not understand, I will tell you! The main ideology or say the purpose of this article is about the female foeticide. Most of the people talk about fighting against female foeticide. But I would rather say female foeticide is correct in a way.
Don’t be shocked I am not adamant, girl-hating kind of person.
I just want to draw your attention to other aspects and causes of female foeticide and the fight against it.
There are many N.G.O’s and groups working against the female foeticide in our country apart from Government of course, and there are many cases where they have been able to save many girls’ lives which would have been killed even before they were born. But, have you ever thought, what happens after that? Where did their life lead to?
The answer to these questions is really terrible- Yes, guys!
Some of these girls live a good life, they are lucky. It is either their mother’s courage or someone else in the family who actually loved them, gave them a better life. But in most of the cases they go through a lot of mental torture.
Cruising tension in mind, being tortured day and night and the worst part is being again and again realised that she was not meant to be born; she is a burden, unwanted.
High pressure, No freedom, No wishes, & so No chance of fulfilling their dreams and wishes.
Who would want that kind of life! It is same as:
“A hungry bird in a Cage, food placed in front of her but the food contains slow poison, eat or starve, either way she will die, terribly for sure!“
If given a choice I would prefer not being born instead of living like this poor bird /girl.
What am I trying to say is only letting live the girl child is not enough, important is to let her live with dignity.
For that, mentality of the people must change. There is a need to convert these cruel monsters into human. The reasons for need of women in society ‘must’ change, and these changes must be brought out in different conditions, among different people having different perceptions. The methods need to be different. So, I leave you people to think:
How would you like the world around you to be?
How will you change the world around you?

Naziya Qureshi
M.Sc. (EM) Ist sem

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teacher's Day Special

A special cartoon by Sandhya Patel and Mehul Bansal for our teachers of EMRC
Wishing all the teachers A very Happy Teacher's Day :)
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Monday, August 1, 2011

-John Grisham

‘The Confession’ is a legal thriller with a serious purpose. This is a book about which ‘John Grisham’ clearly felt deeply - perhaps because he has recently become concerned about wrongful convictions, and the treatment of that theme here has a very passionate edge. Read more

(by Rhonda Byrne)
 “The Secret”, 2006, was Ms. Rhonda Byrne’s first book that earned her megabucks. Thereafter, in 2010, she launched a sequel to it named “The Power” that basically speaks what the first book said before, except in a new way. Read more.

Review on Dance Show

Just Dance is a dance reality show that comes on Star Plus and Star One every Sat-Sun 9.p.m.
Hrithik Roshan, the superstar of dance is judging and selecting the best dance talent along with Bollywood’s famous dance gurus Farah Khan and Vaibhavi more

                                      “Cave of Forgotten dreams”

The German director WERNER HERZOG is known for his epic documentation with the use of dramatic features and documentaries.”Fitzcarraldo” one of his best works is cemented in the pages of history for a decade long success at cinema more

                                       THE SECRET’ 
                                        BY  RHONDA  BYRNE’
‘Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne was initially launched as a DVD.
Later on it was- transformed into a book titled as “The Secret”.
It basically reveals about how one can transform one’s thinking, way of life into one in which he or she is able to develop into a good as well as successful human more

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 7 hours Diary

The EMRC library was almost empty, except for the lean spectacled librarian sitting at the counter. On the last table, just near the window with a Tiffin box open out there in front of him, Chaitanya Solanki scratched his head thinking hard about his accident. His crutch lay nearby carelessly leaning against a chair…
Chaitanya grinned, that was his patent smile, and said, “Well you won’t get a “masala” story, if that’s what you are hoping for!”
Eventually bits by bits, he recounted the events of January 30th, 2011.

(As told to the Scribblers team)

It was a nice chilly morning. After a steaming cup of tea, Bharat Baswani and I set off for a nearby valley in Mhow, we intended to click pictures of birds or anything interesting for that matter.
Reaching our destination, we took a glimpse of the 600 feet deep valley and ironically joked as well pondered over a question, “Can anyone die after falling from this height?!” Well, who knew that I was soon to find that out myself!
We spotted a kingfisher soaring at the lower depths and both of us set off towards the foot of the valley.
Now I guess everyone knows what happened next, but for the sake of the story I’ll recount it again…. While trekking down, I slipped once over the treacherous path and injured myself a little, so I decided to head back to the top while Bharat would go down and click pictures. On my way up, I lost control and fell straight into the valley.
I blacked out… I could sense Bharat shouting… no wait crying somewhere near.
Moments later when I opened my eyes, everything was hazy around me. I tried to focus, and found myself in the middle of shallow water… Right then, I was sure of only one thing, something inside me was definitely broken!
I tried to feel my leg, shit, that was not how my leg was supposed to look. Carefully I stood on my unscathed leg, supported the other in my numb hands and wobbled towards the land. Bharat was right beside me in seconds. We decided that it was best that I wait here while he goes and searches for help. The nearest village was a kilometer away.

Now you might imagine a filmy scene here, memories flashing past in my mind, painful thoughts of never being able to see my family again or the thought that I might simply die right here… but hold on…none of this happened!  Actually I was pretty sure that I would survive this. Well I’m no superhero, but believe me I did not feel scared at all! Unsure, I just slapped myself if this was dream. Snap! No this was’nt!

7 Hours Later:
Time: 5:00 pm
(With no food, no hospital and no relief from pain)

Bharat had been back with two villagers, Shamu and Prakash. One of them had even massaged my foot. Later there were more villagers who helped me get out of the valley. When they lifted me, my fractured leg dangled along and for the first time there was a terrible pang of pain. I had to monitor the situation and so I suggested them to wrap my leg between two pieces of wood (ahem!.. inspired by Florence Nightingale!).
By then, even my restless brother had managed to reach the foot of the valley, and he made sure to stick around through the rest of the ‘rescue operation’. I was even told that both my parents were anxiously waiting on the top of the hill and shockingly my father wept for the first time in his life then! At that very instant, more than anything, I just wanted to assure them that everything was fine, and that I would be all right
The rescue process took all the time, since I had to be carried on tyres, and a longer and safer route was opted for to reach the nearby hospital.

4 Days Later: February 4th
(Location: Hospital)
Today I was so angry with myself that finally I cried. (sigh)
After the accident my brother said just one thing, “Don’t repeat it ever again”.
And well, my mother was more than happy to get her son back. She always believed that I was her brave son!
Now after a month full of rest, I can finally play cricket, ride my bike and use my limbs as freely as before. Whoa, a hell lot of experience that was!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The curious case of lost items…

Money, pen-drives, wallets, pens, cell-phones and cameras! Wooh, the list goes on and on….EMRC has become a “chori ka adda”. It has become an issue of growing concern, both for the ones looted and the to-be looted people. A moment of careless attitude, and you never get to see your beloved mobile or that crisp 500-rupee note!
Each and every day we get to hear yet another story of some new theft. We are forced to doubt our own classmates, invariably thinking may be this or that guy was responsible for our lost items.
Let us know if the college students and teachers think the same about the recent incidents…
(As reported to Aransha Garg)
According to Soumya Roy sir two words defines it all "DEGRADING VALUES".

Nikita Agrawal , a student of MSc II sem said that she is afraid of carrying any valuable stuff and showed her concern by stating, “How can someone take such a step that too in an institution of knowledge?”

Jenifer Tahiliani from MSc IV sem commented, "As a student we need to be extra-cautious but then till what extent? You leave something on the table, and the second you turn away….it disappears!"

This magic worked perfectly on pen-drives and cell phones and now these "MAGICIANS" even tried their hand at cameras.

We talked to Mansi Thatte, a student of MSc.IV sem, who recently lost her brand new Sony Cybershot camera. This is what she said, "It is an alarming point. Every second day, our display board is decorated with a lost and found notice."
Unfortunately, here things once "LOST" are never "FOUND" !!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

By Jennifer Tahiliani.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Glad to be Dead...

Another battle lost
haunted by defeated ghost
when i thought there could not be anything worse,
i stand aloof looking at my own corpse
its colorless, no green, no blue, no red
I feel peaceful, glad to be dead

Tried gathering reasons to fight for
all i got was a locked door
mocked at the irony
for it was me who broke the key
so I lay down,
no black, no white, no brown
wiping off the tears i shed
i feel peaceful, glad to be dead

No regrets of a failed daughter
no pains of a fated adorer
sufferings subsides along in the grave
girl faced it all, wont you call her brave?
its empty, no hate, no love, no comrade
i feel peaceful, glad to be dead!


Artist: Aishwarya Kanchan.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


एक चाह, एक कसक, एक उल्लास और एक अनकहा दर्द था उनमे, एक तड़प थी खुद को व्यक्त करने की और दुख था खुद की आवाज़ लो गों तक ना पहुचा पाने का. मैने खुद को भी कई बार ऐसा पाया है, शायद इसलिए उस अनसुने एहसास को मैं पूरी तरह महसूस कर पा रहा था. और खुद के उस विशाल प्रतिबिंब को देखकर खुश भी था मैं. एक पल तो ऐसा लगा मानो उन हज़ारो में में एक मैं ही था जो एक अधभूत खुशी को पा रहा था जिसका कारण बाद आत्मिक साधरीकरण था. हर बार जब उसका और मेरा मिलन होता तो एक अनोखे एहसास के तले हम खुद के दुखों को या कह लीजिए हम में उठती संवेदनाओं को बाँट लेते थे. ऐसा अधभूत मिलन था वो. शांति देह एक पल के लिए भी ऐसा ना लगा की मैंन अपनो से दूर हूँ, उस हर उठती लहर में मैने खुद को खुद के पास पाया, बहुत पास.

उस विशालकाय समुद्र से खुद की तुलना बेवकूफी लगी थी मुझे, पर इस मनुष्य जीवन में शांति, सुख और सुकून पाने का वो प्रयास कहीं भी ग़लत ना था. मेरे म्न में हर पल ख़याल अठखेलिया खा रहे थे तो वहाँ ऊँची उठती लहरें उस समुद्र की बैचेनी बया कर रही थी. मेरा हर ख़याल कुछ समय बाद एक तर्क पर आकर ख़त्म हो रहा था और मेरे सामने उस समुद्र की ताकतवर लहरें मेरे कदमों में आकर रुक सी जा रही थी.

न जाने क्यूँ उस दिन उस एहसास तले मुझे सारे सवालों के जवाब मिल गये. मेरे म्न की हर उलझन समुद्र की हर एक उठती लहर के साथ सुलझ गयी.
à अपना स्वार्थ साध चुका था, अपना मतलब निकाल चुका था, औरवहाँ से चला गया.

पर मैं अपने पीछे छोड़ गया था उस अशांत, परेशन, उत्तेजित व असहाय विहंगम समुद्र को जिसमें थी एक च ाह, एक कसक, एक उल्लास और एक अनकहा दर्द.
- अभिराज

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

आखरी पुकार

वो अकेला ही चला आया था,
बड़े से इस नगर में,
भीड़ भरे इस शहर में.
छोड़ अपने गाव को,
सौंधी सी माटी को.
छोड़ पीपल की छाव को,
चुहले की उस रोटी को.
लेकर अरमानों की पोटली,
लपेटे सपनों की चादर.
गया वो अनसुनी कर,
बूड़े पिता की आखरी पुकार.

सोचा था कुछ काम करेगा,
बच्चों को पढ़ाएगा.
एक छोटा संसार है उसका,
जिसे वह सजाएगा.
गाव में बहुत सुना, शहर के बारे में
बड़े दिलवाले, बड़े लोगों के बारे में.
यहाँ चकाचौंध है, चमक है,
बड़े घरवाले, बड़े साहब है.

की तलाश में भटकते
बीत गये जाने कितने दिन
काम मिला नही मिली फटकार
मा का दुलार छोड़ आए था
यहाँ मिली दुतकार

धूप में जलते-जलते
बीत गये जाने कितने दिन
सिर पर छत ना मिली कहीं
छाव नसीब में ना थी कहीं...
शाहर अब भी रोशन है,
जगमगा रहा है.
कामयाबी और पैसे के पीछे,

सारा शाहर भाग रहा है.

अंधेरा था उसके सामने
अकेला बैठा था वह, गली के एक कोने में.
पेट में एक दाना था नहीं,
दो बूँद पानी को तरसता रहा
था हर कहीं.
सूनेपन से घिरा, तलाश रहा था
अपने बिखरे समान में...
वो सपने, वो खुशियाँ, मा का आँचल
रहा अकेले में पड़े हुए,
गूँज रही कानों में
बूड़े पिता की "आखरी पुकार".
- मनाली किरकिरे